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Life Safety Systems, Inc.Life Safety Systems, Inc.Life Safety Systems, Inc.Life Safety Systems, Inc.Life Safety Systems, Inc.

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Life Safety Systems, Inc.

Medical Alert
Are there people in you home with sever medical conditions, or an elderly personal living alone? We can offer protection by placing emergency buttons in strategic locations through out the home. Or perhaps a wireless unit carried on the person would be more appropriate. These devices can alert the central station in case of an emergency.

Household Dangers
We have systems that can offer protection from natural or propane gas, or even carbon monoxide poisoning by continuously monitoring for leaks. Sensors can also detect excessive high moisture, water or extreme low temperature to prevent flooding and freezing pipes.

Closed Circuit TV
CCTV for monitoring activity in and around you home. You then have the option of viewing it live or recorded.

The following is a list of the types of service we provide:

Intruder Protection
Whether you are at home or away, sensors placed in your home will detect unauthorized entry. The alarm system will sound a local warning and will notify the central station that an emergency condition exists.

Fire Protection
Sensors placed throughout your home will detect extreme heat and/or smoke to alert your family to the danger. They can also be connected to the central station, which will notify the fire department.

After School
To insure the safety of your children when coming home to an empty house, we can restrict access by a programmed code system. You child would simply use their own access code to gain entry, and once inside reactivate the alarm.